About Us

Over the years, Mega Kleen Janitorial has steadily perfected an unrivaled commitment to its customers. A family-owned and locally operated full-service janitorial company based in Ohio, Mega Kleen entered the business in 1978, part-time and with only a few customers to our name. We’ve since grown into a full-service cleaning company, cleaning over 100 buildings throughout the greater Cleveland and Akron Ohio region.

Who Are We

Our employees are well-trained and kept up-to-date on new cleaning equipment, supplies, and best practices through regularly scheduled training meetings. All new employees go through a screening and background check before their first day on the job. They also receive cleaning procedures and safety training before working in your building. With longtime financial stable, our success has proven that with hard work and realistic promises, we can compete with and exceed the service of large national companies. Maintaining the highest standards in cleaning, Mega Kleen specializes in a tradition of cleanliness.

Biggest Philosophy: The customers are the boss and you should give them your best. Phone calls should always be returned as soon as possible.

Professional Achievement: I like being able to offer a job to people who want to work. By working together, we contribute to each others success.

Words of Wisdom: Remember that the customer is always your boss. Never say I can’t – always say I’ll find a way. Treat your employees fairly: remember they earn money for you.

“Mega Kleen revitalized our tile floor at our new day care in Brunswick, 1st Friends Learning Academy, and did an Outstanding job!!! The floor was beat and worn from years of traffic, and now has a mirror shine to it! I highly recommend this company for fast professional service.”

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